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The Third

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Jan. 22nd, 2006 | 10:44 pm
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This was from my other journal but... I'm stupid and no one cares. I also worked decently hard on getting the information and it upset me to put it on private. I didn't actually want to delete it... So. *sighs* No one will read it here either, but that's the point, isn't it?
*removes the cut*

I was mentally going through the list of things I knew about my birthday and realized that, not only is the day cursed, it's also damned.

Things That Happened On My Birthday I'm uh, sticking to the things most people will recognize, or at least that I did. There was a battle for the War of Roses fought Sept. 23 1459 but... knowing nothing about the War of Roses I wasn't sure if the end result was positive.

1. 1779 and 1780 - various really boring things that led to America winning the American revolution. Which later led to Bush becoming President. Which later damned the world.

2. 1806 - Lewis and Clark officially return from exploring the American west. Which later led to vast numbers of Native Americans dying as they tried to save their homes and families from colonists.

3. 1877 - Hurricane Curaeao and Bonaire kills 200

3. 1846 - Neptune was discovered by Le Verrier. Let's not even get into how much Neptune is like me. Too out there for anyone to care but not out there enough for anyone to remember it's there. Nooo, Pluto gets that honour. Damn Morgan Pluto.

4. 1941 - The first gas experiments are conducted at Aushwitz.

5. 1950 - U.S. Mustangs "accidentally" bomb British on Hill 282 Korea - 17 killed

6. 1957 - Failed attempt at racially integrating US schools in Arkansas

7. 1958 - Nuclear test performed at Nevada test site (US)

8. 1958 - Nuclear test performed on Christmas Island (GB)

9. 1961 - How to Marry a Millionaire becomes the first movie that's turned into a television show. Yes, that was a bad thing. Have you seen TV now? Some things are better left alone.

10. 1962 - The Jetsons becomes ABC's first color TV series. And damns us all to television watching hell.

11. 1982 - Another nuclear test performed at Nevada test site.

12. 1996 - Howard Stern's radio show premieres in Balm Peach, Florida and Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

13. 1992 - Mud storm kills 30 people in France. As a person that lives in a relatively dry climate, I'd like to say... Wha? Mud storm?

14.1999 - NASA loses contact with the Mars Climate Orbiter I felt that one personally. For some odd reason, every school child in Houston must write long and extensive essays every time someone in NASA takes a piss.

15. 2004 - 1070 Haitians reported dead from Hurricane Jeanne

A bunch of actors, some artists, one Nobel Peace Prize winner (John Boyd Orr), a Nobel Prize laureate (Jaroslav Siefert), Euripedes, an Astronaut (William McCool, who died on the Columbia crash and even though I wasn't still in school I was so used to writing essays that I wrote one anyway some politicians, a few military men and that really and incredibly annoying red-haired actress from That's So Raven.

1. Friedrich Paulus - Various positions in the German military during both world wars. Granted, he surrendered in 1943 and was later very vocal against the Nazis but that doesn't help my thesis about the cursed birthday.


Just like the births, but add a Saint, Padre Pio (Whose statue not only cried tears of blood in 2002 but, while alive, his stigmata smelled like perfume and flowers), Pablo Neruda - Nobel Prize laureate, and Freud.


Now... Most calenders I see state that Autumn, officially, begins on Sept. 22. Some of them say Sept 23, but most have the 22nd. Assuming that Autumn is, in fact, the season of Dying then I was literally born the day after the world, or those of us in this hemisphere, acknowledge that everything is fading and that, for the rest of the year we're going to live amongst decaying vegetation. That, for the rest of the year, people will run off and catch the flu, pneumonia, various communicable diseases and die. That we have officially entered the time of the year when most people are going die from non-accident or stupidity related deaths. That people are going to sit in their homes and freeze to death. That, as of this day, we can just start writing the mortality rate in pencil because people are just going to run around, dying like it's going out of style and writing it in pen is just a waste of time.

That right now, it's okay to be cold and insensitive and not care about the fact that that homeless man or that abused prostitute might not live to see tomorrow because they're going to lay on the street and freeze. That apathy, cruelty, and unnatural selection based on social class are perfectly fine things to live by because we've crossed the threshold to our doom. That no, mankind is not immortal. You've had your Spring and Summer now bow down before all those mightier than you and accept your oppression. That no matter what you do, from this day forward, your soul is no longer your own, you are a slave to death and politics and you might as well just sell yourself to Satan for a little fire because it doesn't matter anymore.

And I was born the next day.

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